Saturday, 19 May 2012

Some pictures from the flume during preparation

Here are some photos from the flume during construction of the barrier and installation of Deltares equipment during April and May 2012. Note distinct lack of hard hats!

Piezometers tubes fixed to the flume wall before construction of the barrier. The tubes are slotted for the lower part and pressure sensors will be installed at the bottom of the tube to record the beach groundwater level.
Seaward of the sandy beach, a 20-m wide and 0.5-m layer of sand is placed. In front of this sand layer, a 10-m wide concrete toe with a 1:20 gradient is present. 
At the back of the barrier a 4.5-m high retaining wall is being constructed to separate the  back-barrier from the lagoon. The wall is constructed out of steel beach, but is fully permeable to not enable water to flow through the barrier into the lagoon and vice versa
 After installation of the piezometers and construction of the retaining wall and concrete toe, the 4.5-m high and 50-m wide barrier can be constructed. 

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