Monday, 2 July 2012

Overwash series continues

After a recreative visit to Amsterdam, the overwash series proceeds according to plan and schedule. Last week we finished D1 and D2; today we finished D3; and hopefully will finish D4 and commence with D5. Overwash depths are deliberately being kept shallow to avoid damage to the backbarrier. The downside is that the horizontal array of current meters are not seeing a lot of action, if at all. Thermal camera and video cameras are capturing the overtopping and overwashing nicely (see picture below).

Camera 1 looks straight down onto the backslope of the barrier and the time stack (stripmean)  is capturing here a couple of overtopping swashes and at the end a large overwashing event. X-axiso represents distance (c. 10 m across) and the Y-axis is time (100 s from top to bottom).

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