Thursday, 28 June 2012

First overwash run

Today we finished first overwash run D1 (0.8 m high and 4 second waves) with the new instrument set-up. Bit of a slow start because the beach kept adjusting to the increasing water level by building up the nearshore bar. Finally with water level at 4.2 m overwash occurred. A deep channel rapidly developed at the back of the barrier which compromised the measurements somewhat. After brief discussion, it was decided to fill in the channel by hand to prepare for the next overwash run. After a solid 1 hour of digging, involving the entire team and two wheel barrows the beach is now ready for the next overwash run with 5 second waves.

Top view of back-barrier overwash channel being filled in through manual labour: bootcamp BARDEX! Video below shows activities at ground level. Commentary by Jack Puleo and sand kicking activities by Aart Kroon.

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  1. Good to see those shovels and barrows being put to work!