Saturday, 9 June 2012

Weekend break

Irregular waves.
Test series A1 are now finished at the flume. Friday's workday was finished with runs of monochromatic and bichromatic waves, showing very good repeatability in the monochromatic waves. The bichromatic wave train proved to be larger than expected; it may be modified and made smaller for the future runs as to not damage any instruments. Also, the monochromatic and bichromatic waves caused beach accretion, against the trend of beach erosion during the irregular wave train runs during the rest of the day. Once again, it turns out to be very difficult to predict the morphological response of the beach. Monday morning, the swash instrument rigs will be moved landward since they are now mostly seaward of the shoreline.
Now it's time for a well-deserved weekend break for some rest, laundry and a sight-seeing trip to Amsterdam!

Short, intense rain showers on Friday afternoon.
The swash rig looks almost like the diagram in a previous blog post.

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